MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING: rape, instructions to rape


My friend who goes to Miami University in Ohio sent me this picture of a flier that was taped up in a men’s bathroom there.  I don’t need to explain why this is horrifying, do I?  She’s asked that we signal boost the shit out of it and get the word out about the degree to which rape culture pervades the campus.  Please help her out with that if you can.  

had to put that under a link, my heartrate just surged so fast and the trigger warning under the picture just isn’t cutting it for me

I wish I could spit in the face of whoever wrote this and whoever thinks it’s ~just a joke~ 

That is fucking sick. 

I don’t think I can articulate how much this enrages me - that’s the university I went to (unfortunately), and I WAS RAPED THERE. Has anybody called the uni to see about doing something? I know you can’t stop people from putting up fliers, but something does need to be done regarding this attitude, and education/awareness needs to be spread. If any folks with more details can send the to me, I plan on getting ahold of my alma mater and having some serious words. I’ll even offer to go educate them if that’s what it takes. *takes deep breath*

Anyway, details like what building this was found in could be helpful, because we all know how quickly people will try and dismiss this, or shove it under the rug. Thank you. :-/ xx

Reblogging again with a quick update: I checked and confirmed some details and then tweeted President Hodge:

Send him a message too, to ensure that he knows we are taking this seriously, that we demand action. “Rape instructions” are not something that just blows over.